People are increasingly becoming conscious of their health and fitness, their appearance, and their overall wellness and well-being. That’s why there is an uptake for health insurance today, as compared to a decade ago. 

People are increasingly cognizant of the importance of health insurance, because of its role as a useful tool to avoid having to break the bank in case of hospitalization due to health emergencies. 

Unfortunately, the importance of health insurance notwithstanding, the fine print in these policies typically says that expenses that are deemed cosmetic, procedures that do not require hospitalization, and several other commonly pursued wellness and well-being expenses will not be covered under the policy. 

So what does one do about dental bills, eye care incidentals, hearing impairment aids and consultation? What about any expenses linked to correcting our posture? What about slimming and fitness related treatments? How do we manage all these expenses that are linked to our overall well-being? People might be able to better their posture or trim belly fat with the help of a few YouTube videos, but surely, there’s no going the DIY way on a root canal. 

That’s where the concept of a Health EMI Network Card comes in. Before we talk about apply Health Card, and before we get into defining and understanding what a Health EMI Network Card does, it is essential to understand that these cards do not in any way undermine the importance of health insurance. A Health EMI Network Card can, however, help you with expenses that might not be covered in your insurance policy.

What is a Health EMI Network Card?

A Health EMI Network Card, as the name suggests, helps you break down big ticket medical expenses into smaller chunks. For example, instead of paying a lump sum on Rs. 60,000 teeth braces procedure, you can pay in EMIs of say Rs. 5,000 for the next 12 months. 

Furthermore, all your medical expenses are covered under your Health EMI Network Card benefits. That Rs. 10,000 MRI that is not covered under your medical insurance, because it was not linked to any hospitalization? You can pay for it with your Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card, and then settle your dues over the next few months.

Maybe you want to go in for an especially expensive treatment or procedure. You can do so without any worries, because you can opt to pay your medical expenses in up to 24 monthly instalments. Over 2 years, a lot of expensive treatments become much more accessible. 

Benefits of a Health EMI Network Card

Big bills at the pharmacy? Those too can be broken down into bite-sized EMIs when you use your Health EMI Network Card to pay. The best EMI cards will also ensure an excellent network of partners, and will throw in some truly irresistible offers. The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card, for example, offers convenience to users with 5,500+ partners in over 1,000 cities.  And their answer to an irresistible offer? Complimentary personal accidental insurance of Rs.1 lakh for 1 year, and instant activation. 

To sum things up, it would be folly to ignore the benefits of a card such as the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card, because it is a one-stop solution for all of your medical expenses. Whether it is a hair transplant treatment, dental care, hearing aids or skin treatments, you can now rely on the Health EMI Network Card to make expenses much lighter on your pocket. To get your Health Card, apply now on the Bajaj Finserv website.

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