20 Amazing Cornrow Hairstyles To Try In 2020

Latest Cornrow Styles To Try In 2021. One of the easiest types of braids which females love the most is cornrow hairstyles.This hairstyles for girls can be traced back to our past where our ancestors used to have on their head in order to look attractive and beautiful.

Cornrow styles is plaited by both male and female and there are a lot of factors that play an important role such as the the time used in braiding, how long the hairdo last and even the cost of having such a hairstyle.


20 Amazing Cornrow Hairstyles To Try In 2020


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With these above mentioned factors, you need to know it’s varies from region to region, country to country. As we all know majority of female prefer their natural Cornrow Hairstyles to be styled with certain cowry and bead shells which will compliment the types of hairstyles they have braided.

In this article Xorlali.com will take you through a number of natural Cornrow hairstyles for 2021 which are; latest cornrow styles for round faces, African cornrows designs and big cornrows hairstyles depending on your budget you have, style, the taste, and we have some of the best female cornrow hairstyles you will.

Latest Cornrow Styles To Try In 2021


There are a number of easy cornrow styles one can plait to look good. From cornrow style with natural hair, female cornrow style, cornrow styles for men, small cornrow hairstyles, and cornrow braided hairstyle 2020/2021. Below are some of the best female cornrow hairstyles to try in 2021.


Tiny cornrow hairstyle for round faces

The type of natural Cornrow hairstyles is mostly for women with round faces since the hairdo runs from the top of the head to the back of the head. This hairstyle for girls begins with cornrows hairstyles and ends with rasta which becomes easy to style. The cornrows hairstyles for 2021 will hang over the face and very long to touch the shoulders. This is also one of the most braid hairstyles in Nigeria. For with the Nigerian cornrows hairstyles it’s doesn’t have to be braided in a particular way but will simply hang on all sides of the scalp and the braid being shorter at the front of the face to allow ease of view.

Big cornrows hairstyles.

Cornrow Hairstyles for girls is one of the best hairstyles braids that most females love. This is because it saves time, looks beautiful, never goes out of style that’s always there are new styles available. And it’s also very easy to maintain. The big corn roll hairstyle 2020  has rasta and this type comes in a large cornrow style which is mostly the most used due to its attractiveness

African design braids

This type of cornrow styles 2020 runs from the scalp below and is also held together in a ponytail form. They can be plaited large or thick. These forms of cornrow hairstyles for girls have long braids that are smaller in size giving rise to a number of hair rows.

Depending on the length of the hair, the hair rows maybe 10-20. The cornrows hairstyles for girls will be of different colors with black and brown color being popular. The hair strands are woven in such a manner that black or brown takes the sides on the head whereas the other color (either black or brown) occupies the upper region on the head. Most people called this style of cornrow Xerxes

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One-sided cornrow hairstyle

The one-sided cornrow hairstyle is another cornrow style 2020 mostly braided by teenagers. The corn roll hairstyle 2020  is mostly displayed with one part of the head being unplaited. And the other side with big size cornrow.

Single strand hairstyle

This type of hairstyle 2019 is mostly displayed when we have the cornrow braided from the left and right sides of the head. The back of the head is covered with twists and mostly among the aged.

Best Cornrows Hairstyles for Men

I know most of you have spotted most guy’s in cornrow hairstyles and you wonder why they have them. Well cornrow styles are not only for girls as we also have some of the best cornrow hairstyles for men you can recommend for your young boy or any male friend who likes to braid their hair.

1. Feed-In Cornrows

One of the most popular hairstyles for men is the feed-in cornrows because Feed-in cornrow hairstyles are easy to style. It is all about starting small and gradually growing bigger. The cornrows start small on the hairline and progressively thickens as they approach the center of the head to the back. You can include any additional styling options in your feed in cornrows. They will look great all the same!

2. Intricate Design

If you want to rock a highly intricate cornrows hairstyle, then you should pair back the rest of the hair to make sure that the crown gets the attraction it demands.

This cornrow style suits most face shapes except guys with long faces since most of the hair is kept on top, and therefore there is no much weight on the sides. If you have a long face shape, opting for this look will elongate your face, which would be counterproductive.

So how do you wear this hairstyle? Start by cutting the manes around the back and sides short. With short manes on the sides and back, much attention will be on those beautiful braids on top. Another great idea would be to blend the shaved part along your forehead in order to accentuate the crown of your head.

3. Cornrows Paired With Crown Braids

When it comes to chic and sophisticated cornrows hairstyles, you know our number one choice- Cornrows complemented with crown braids. To accomplish this look, start by creating cornrows at the center and then choose the thickness of the braids to use as the crown. Remember, this would be the centerpiece of your hairdo.

The cornrows should be encircled with thick braids. To finish the look, cut the hair on the sides and back to a shorter length to create contrast.

This is a great look for all face shapes except guys with a long face shape. For a more standout look, pair your hairstyle with a thick beard.

4. Zig-Zag Patterning

One of the amazing things about cornrows is that they allow you to experiment with varying looks, especially if you have medium length hair. This zig-zag hairstyle is a classic example of how versatile cornrows can be.

This hairstyle rocks on men with a triangle face shape. For guys with round, diamond, and heart face, you would want to look for a different style. This hairstyle highlights the sides and the temple of the head, and it might not be a good idea for the mentioned three face shapes to wear it.

5. Small Cornrows Hairstyle for Men

With varying assortments of braids in terms of sizes and shapes, you can hardly fail to get your right fit. Men, to be specific, in most cases, opt for smaller braids that are easy to style and manage. The trend of small braids started in the ’80s but reached its climax in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

However, we are pretty sure that this hairstyle will still come back, and all men will embrace it like before, especially black men who look great on it. Whether you pair it with a beard or not, the hairstyle looks amazing.

6. Trey Songz Cornrows

Since time immemorial, cornrows have defined pop culture fashion, and we have seen several celebrities who sport cornrows, whether on the stage or during Grammy awards. For instance, we cannot talk about cornrows for pop culture without mentioning Trey Songz. He proves that cornrows are a staple hairstyle for R&B singers. If you are looking for a simple and low maintenance hairstyle, draw inspiration from this hairstyle.

7. Funky Designing

The amazing aspect of cornrows for guys is the standout and eccentric designs that you can create. So, why go for usual designs when you can rock more chic and sophisticated funky styles?

The funky design is best suited for guys with long hair and incorporates long and loose braids at the back. However, note that the tightly pulled cornrows like these can be unforgiving on guys with strong faces. So, to soften the jawline and make your forehead less distinctive, opt for relaxed braids.

8. Tyga Cornrows Hairstyle

Tyga is yet another hip hop celebrity who has mastered the art of wearing picture-perfect cornrows. The rapper chooses straightforward cornrows starting from the hairline to the nape of the neck.

However, as opposed to Trey Songz, Tyga cornrows are relatively thicker. Do you want to rock this look? Grow your hair to a long length to get enough volume to style thicker cornrows, and you will effortlessly achieve Tyga cornrows.

9. Blonde Cornrows

Dyeing your hair is and remains one of the best ways to give your hairstyle a fresh and distinctive look. So after styling your cornrows, you can choose your favorite color and dye them to make get a standout look.

And when it comes to colors, blonde has always been our favorite hue for hair coloring, especially the cornrows. Try this look for a unique look.

10. Simple Cornrow Men’s Hairstyle

There is a myriad of braids you can choose from when wanting to rock a cornrow style for guys. This hairstyle is a simple cornrow made unique by changing the size of plaits.

This is a great look for guys with round faces since the temples, and the sides carry the most volume. Due to this, guys with heart and diamond shapes faces should avoid this look.

Styling of this haircut involves styling different hair lengths, which might not be like taking a walk in the park. However, to achieve this look, start by creating thicker cornrows with the long hair on top and then thin and short cornrows around the temples using the hair on the sides.

11. Big Cornrows Hairstyle

If you have already tried small braids, don’t stop there since cornrows allow you to experiment with different sizes and shapes. Generally, big cornrows are recommended for men with long and thick locks since there are enough length and size to work with.

You can style your big cornrows the way you want since the styling options are unlimited. However, the most common way of styling big cornrows is by creating cornrows that start at the center of the head flowing to the nape of the neck.

The rest of the hair is then styled from the center downwards to the ears. If you wish, you can include a zig-zag middle part running from the front to the back. This divides the cornrows into two portions, and it is undoubtedly appealing.

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Natural hair cornrow hairstyle

Most females with their natural hair prefer natural hair. This is so because their hair is a bit longer. Natural hair corn roll hairstyle 2020 is twisted and wooden leaving the hair strands standing over the shoulders. The thinness or thickness depends on the cornrowed choices.

Cornrow rasta hairstyles 2021

One of the simplest forms of braids most ladies want to have on their head is Cornrow rasta hairstyles, also known as simple braids, monitor braids, or flat braids. Cornrow Rasta Hairstyles can be traced back to ancient Africa where many women both young and old were accustomed to having their hair braided close to their head scalp to create a series of rows running from the neck to the forehead.

Depending on the country or region or even tribe, some ladies will want their Cornrow Rasta Hairstyles are adorned with cowry and bead shells which blend with the heads of those braided. Some of the featured best Cornrow Rasta hairstyles for 2021 include; African cornrows designs, popular big cornrows hairstyles, cornrow styles for round faces as well as the cornrows in the front and singles in the back. The best Cornrow Rasta hairstyles for 2021 cannot be numbered as the list is endless depending on various factors.


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