Susan Polgar chess method is the most systematic approach for an individual to improve his game of chess. After the beginner stage of learning chess Susan polar chess method is a way to improve your chess game.

The best way of improving your game of chess is systematic learning. By practicing Master method collection on chessondemand you can Excell in the game of chess. Stay calm and gradually learn all master methods of chess.

Hopping to different chess methods at one time will lead you to waste your time as well as energy. Systematic learning of chess games has several advantages. Some of them are:

• Chess study time is used more efficiently

• You stay on the right track

• Build your game on each lesson

To become a great chess player you need to note down all the different aspects of the chess game like pawn structures, king safety, piece activity, weaknesses, and more. After that step by step work through all those points.

In order to work through all these points, you can purchase chess Dvds from chessondemand and learn the game at your own comfort. Or you can also learn the game of chess by watching videos on chessondemand. Videos of great chess methods like Susan Polgar, master method collection, foxy chess videos, etc.

Let’s a look at what we will learn in Susan Polgar Chess DVDs

• Relative Value of each piece in the chess

All the pieces of chess have their own Relative Value as well as material Value or we can say absolute value. For instance, a pawn’s absolute value is 1 were as a pawn’s relative value is 9 when you promote a pawn to a queen. It is a material Value of a queen. There is no material Value of a kind this is because when the king is eliminated the game ends and you lose. 

While calculating the relative value of a piece always consider one important factor i.e. how active is the piece in the game? 

The defended knight has lesser relative value than the attacking knight. The Relative Value of your pinned piece is low as compared to others because the pinned piece can not move. At the time of trading, both the relative value and the absolute value of all the pieces must be considered. This is because sometimes it’s good to trade a rook for a bishop or knight. 

This act is known as exchange sacrifice. This trading is generally done in order to have a positional advantage. At the endgame stage and a rook is against the bishop you should trade the pieces so that you can enter a winning king and pawn endgame. • Piece Play

The game of chess is all about piece play. If you want to win the game you need to be better at piece play than your opponent. At the beginner’s stage, a player often wins the game or loses the game due to several blunders made in piece play.

As we move forward and become a good player relying on your opponent’s blunder is a bad idea. You need to be capable enough to play a better pieces game. Have a look at how you can improve your piece play:

1. Pawn Structure

2. The relative value of chess pieces

3. Permanent Weaknesses

4. Piece Activity

To improve your game and get the most out of your pieces, it is very important for a player to have a plan that helps a player to move forward in the game.

To learn all of this there is nothing best than GM Susan Polgar. Coaching from Susan Polgar can help you to improve your game. Become the best in the game of chess with Susan Polgar chess DVDs available on chessondemand.

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