There is viral photos from the wedding of the controversial Obuasi wedding currently going on between Richard Agu and his to be wife.

From the video sighted by, colleagues from the arm forces have stormed the premises of St. John’s Baptist Church as its believed they came to protect their friend Richard Agu from being harm by his ex girlfriend who he dumped for another girl.

Well the ex lover of Richard promised to destroy the wedding because she took a loan to take care of the boy and he used that money to go and marry another woman

As part of the usual military culture, some friends of Richard Agu has armed themselves with high morale to discipline anyone who tries to mess up at the video.

A video believed to have been shot from the venue had some military friends rehearsing in the church premises while photos also saw a few coming through while awaiting others.

See the photos below:

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Watch the video below:

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