Tv3 Date Rush Season 4 contestant, Aisha has finally replied her critics who were insulting her about her body stretch marks.

Recall the 23 year female participant of the dating reality show, date rush, aired on TV3 was trolled on social media after she shared a semi-nud£ pictures on her Instagram page.

Well, most netizens attacked her for going nak3d and coming on a commercial television to look for love as some even went further to talk ill about her stretch marks.

Aisha in her interview with Zionfelix said, she loves to show her tattoos and b00bs and added that her stretch marks are sexy.

She has again taken to It her Instagram page to share more hot pictures in beads and talked about her stretch marks again.

Sharing the picture, Aisha wrote:


Couldn’t wait to post it 
Most of yoall hv low self esteem !!!


As an African woman. You need to be proud n confident in “your”body
Stretch mark?
Soon releasing a project on how beautiful stretch marks look on my body 
Don’t let fold n stretch marks stop you from doing what you wanna do
From reaching your goals
Be proud of them it’s your body !!!


Is the folds for me 
My Snapchat handle . Odoblack22
Currently gaining weight can’t wait to show yoall 
I can’t go without beads they soo attractive…gon have to introduce my plug to yoall

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