This season of TV3 Date Rush is finally coming to an end and more controversies are coming up.

One is that of Ruby one of the ladies who got rejected several times on the show but one day her luck shine has she got a date one gentleman named ‘the powder guy’.

Well she has taken to social media to share some sad stories about her the gentleman named ‘the powder guy’ that she got during the show.

According to her she won’t ever go to TV3 Date Rush to look for love again as for the man he got she has tried her best to love him but it’s not working.

Her reasons are that her guy Powder guy cheated on her and she can’t believe and for that matter she is done with bald guys.

Check posts below:

“The truth was that I wasn’t expecting him to pick me on the date ..I was not happy but hmm wanted to go out of the show !! The drama on the show was enough for me .. and was tired at a point,, I had no option…..✍️✍️✍️✍️”

“Done dating bald guy .. next relationship be nice 👍”

“U better explain why u cheated and give better explanations to why u missed my calls that evening.. after coming to wait for u at mccarthy hill .. really? Do I look angry for attention? Maybe I cox u do me juju 👹.. but that juju aka for girls has expired .. my eyes are clear”

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