All About Essential Oil You Need to Know

Belonging to the botanical family of Rutaceae (Rutaceae). It is a small tree, 2-6 m tall, with a frequently crooked trunk, generally without thorns. Angled bouquets.

Leaves are oblong-oval, elliptical, or lanceolate, 3.5-8 cm long and 1.5-4 cm wide, with obtuse base and apex. Sawn margin above the base. They are glossy dark green on the top and yellowish-green on the underside, fragrant when crushed. Petioles with a very short wing.

 All About Essential Oil You Need to Know

Axillary or terminal inflorescences with 1-4 pentameric flowers, white, odorous. Fruits 4-7 cm long and 5-8 cm in diameter, globose-depressed.

The surface is shiny and full of sunken oil glands. The rind is thin, very fragrant, separating easily from the pulp. Juicy and sweet pulp, refreshing.

Clementine essential oil is considered in France a safe remedy for children against indigestion and hiccups, and adults since it help to strengthen the digestive function and the liver.

Clementine essential oil contains: d-limonene, linalol, geraniol, citral and citronellol. It combines well with other citrus oils, especially neroli, and with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves.

It is antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic (mild), laxative (mild), sedative, stimulant (digestive and lymphatic), and tonic.

Therapeutic uses: skin: acne, congested and oily skin, scars, pimples, stretch marks, toning. Circulation, muscles, and joints: fluid retention, obesity.

Digestive system: digestive problems, dyspepsia, hiccups, intestinal problems. Nervous system: insomnia, nervous tension, restlessness.

It is often used for pregnant & children. It is also recommended in synergistic combinations with other citrus oils. Useful in case of anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, and agitation.


The clementine tree, a very close relative of the mandarin, has cream-colored flowers and small orange-colored fruits.

Clementines are slightly more oval than mandarins, and their skin is lighter, with a yellowish-orange hue.

If we peel a very fine strip, we can see that it is covered with tiny sacks full of essential oil, and if we squeeze it, it will release its wonderful aroma, widely used both in perfumery and aromatherapy.

The pressing of the peel makes the oil retain the fresh citrus notes of its fragrance, as well as its bittersweet hint of herbs and subtle sweet notes.

It is not toxic, irritant, or sensitizing, so it is indicated for all skin types. Applying before sun exposure has the risk of photosensitivity.

Part used: fruit peel.

Cold pressing extraction.

Spiritual Support

● Open the heart to spontaneity.

● Encourages the exteriorization of innocence.

Ease the Mind

● In case of depression, spray 4 drops of clementine + 2 of geranium.

● In case of mental block, take a bath with 4 drops of clementine and 2 of ilang-ilang.

Heal the Body

● For digestive problems, massage the belly twice a day in a circular motion in a clockwise direction, with a mixture of clementine, peppermint, and carrot in a carrier oil (see the first “recommended mixture”).

● To cleanse and even out oily, combination, or mature skin, apply to the skin every night a mixture of clementine, rose absolute and frankincense in a carrier oil (see the second «recommended mixture»).

● During pregnancy, from the fifth month, to reduce the possibility of stretch marks or improve their appearance, massage the belly every day with circular movements in a clockwise direction, with a mixture of 2 drops of clementine + 2 neroli in 20 ml. carrier oil.

Essential Oil Blends

Add the following essential oils to 20 ml. carrier oil:

● To relieve cramps or indigestion: 4 drops of clementine + 2 of peppermint + 4 of carrot.

● To improve the appearance of combination, oily or mature skin: 4 drops of clementine + 2 of rose absolute + 4 of frankincense.

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