One of the girls from the TV3 Date Rush Reality show, Ruby has taken to her Twitter page to weep over her boyfriend who has used and dumped her.

According to Ruby who was in tears, she did everything for the guy including giving him different styles and several rounds of romantic sɛkx but still, the guy found a way to dump her.

Ruby used the opportunity to advise her fellow ladies that sɛx does not keep a man so they should use her situation as an example and learn from it.

Ruby tweeted: “Herh !! After all the sɛx I romantically gave you…. and your favorite style…. Advice to my ladies sɛx doesn’t keep a man”.

Ruby is part of the ongoing season four of the Date Rush show on TV3. It’s a reality show where men are paired with ladies who are equally looking for love.

The show is not live, it’s pre-recorded so Ruby is obviously talking about the guy he got when he was on the show. Since the moment Ruby got picked by the guy who has now used and dumped her has not been shown on TV yet, Ghanaians will get the opportunity to see the guy who used the platform to satisfy his sɛkxual needs and not to look for love.

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