Best Female Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram 2021

Best Female Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a place populated with more than billions of people sharing their fun and embarrassing life stories. We all feel a little joy when we have many friends around us who are eager to listen to our stories, especially travel stories. I don’t think one human being is alive on this planet that can […]

Pikworo Slave camp

Pikworo Slave camp

The Pikworo Slave camp is one of the tourist attractions in the Upper East Region of Ghana which the locals are unaware of. The tourist site was established in 1704 and is located in a small community within Paga known as Nania 3 kilometers west of Paga. Pikworo happens to be a place founded by […]

How to choose the right luxury car rental company in Dubai

Renting a luxury car has plenty of perks. For example, if you have a car on rent you can enjoy the freedom by moving to any location you want. Also, it helps in reducing the travelling cost. Since you no longer have to rely on the public transport system. Hence you can rent an affordable […]

13 Best Places In Himachal Pradesh For Trekking

8 Himachal Pradesh's best trekking routes

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is definitely one of the most exciting experiences you can do. The names of very well-known places like Triund, Hampta Pass, and Malana, and many others include treks at Himachal Pradesh. The one basic thing you originally saw was the fascinating view of the various Himalayan regions. All of these places […]

8 Himachal Pradesh’s best trekking routes

Trekking can be fun right from walking across peaks to springing on the rocks if done with caution. Take your friends in this summer, take your mad people to Himachal, take a ride. Himachal is the place to enjoy various adventure activities such as flying fox, hiking, trekking, biking, paragliding, climbing, etc. Himachal has immense […]

Ghana Tourism Authority donates chocolate and PPES to Save Them Young Orphanage

The Tema Regional office of Ghana Tourism Authority in collaboration with Niche Chocolate and Golden Pod gave boxes of chocolate to the children’s at save them young orphanage home at Golf City to mark the annual Chocolate Day Celebration, which is held under the theme, ‘Eat Chocolate, Stay Health And Grow Ghana.’ The Chocolate day […]

Most Beautiful Sunny Islands In Norway

While most people know Norway because of its phenomenal fjords and hence the flickering northern lights, the Nordic nation also hosts many breathtakingly beautiful islands. Remarkably enough, this number exceeds 230,000 in total with most of them lying just off the country’s rugged and rugged coastline, which is impressively one of the longest in the […]

9 Secret Villages in Ireland

In the event that you’d prefer to go past Dublin on your excursion to the Emerald Isle, set your course for these mystery towns in Ireland. From the lofty precipices of the west coast to the lavish slopes and memorable remnants of the open country, Ireland merits investigating. In these little Irish towns, you’ll discover […]

Top 10 Best Pizzas In The World 2021

Top 10 Best Pizzas In The World 2021

looking for where exactly to get the world’s best pizza? Well, has upon several research and tours in Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, Europe, South Africa, America, Canada, Kenya, and dozens of other countries and cities around the globe, compiled the official list of the best pizza in the world in 2021. While there are many things around the world that we could argue about, there is one thing […]

BEYOND THE RETURN(Far From Home)- Isaac Kofi Arthur

BEYOND THE RETURN(Far From Home)- Isaac Kofi Arthur

BEYOND THE RETURN(Far From Home)- Isaac Kofi Arthur.”You people are more brown in color than black, why do you call yourselves blacks?” The white asked. “You people are also more pink in color than white, why do you call yourselves whites?” The black man replied.  As can clearly be seen, it’s just a label which […]